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Cuckold Movies welcomes you to its husband humiliation video gallery! Here you can enjoy a full-length femdom film of a sissy hubby being used as toilet slave, getting ass smothered and subjected to the final degradation: his wife fucking, sucking and swallowing her lover's cum in front of him! This movie archive contains two identical sets of video clips: the first one is for broadband users (longer and larger files), the second for dialup surfers (smaller clips for easier download).
OK, about the movie now: it kicks off with a bit of heavy humiliation for poor hubby (screenshots above). His unfaithful wife and her masked lover order him to to lie down; the wife crouches over her husband's face and shoots a thick stream of pee right down his throat! She sprays gallons of piss, the husband fights for air and struggles to swallow as much as he can, but still manages to spill some pee on the floor. After licking the last drops of urine off the wet pussy, the wife's lover forces him to slurp the spilt pee off the floor as well! After this duty has been done, our cuckold sissy finds himself locked up in a box, and must watch his wife giving a passionate blowjob to her lover. Next, the lover assists the wife while she masturbates using a dildo!
More humiliation follows (screen captures above). Our cuckold must prepare his wife for penetration, and what better way to do this but forcing him to lick pussy and make her wet? He performs this duty with great enthusiasm, but that is not enough for the wife and her lover: the husband must suck her asshole as well (lovely closeup shots here). The wife changes position and sits on husband's face. The hubby continues to lick her asshole, and the masked lover takes advantage of this fortunate situation: he aims his cock at wife's belly and starts pissing! Urine flows over wife's belly, down her pussy and straight into cuckold's mouth. He chokes, but never stops licking his tormentress's asshole. This scene ends up with more floor licking, of course!
Then comes the big finale (video captures above): the hubby has to watch as his excited wife gets down to sucking her lover's stiff cock. She performs the blowjob with much relish - lots of slurping, nibbling and vigorous shaft jerking here. Then she climbs onto her lover's lap and lets him slide his fat dick into her dripping pussy. The wife fucks her lover long and hard before cuming like a whore. Helpless and humiliated husband must watch all this and more: the wife gets down on her knees and takes her lover's penis in her mouth once again. She massages the balls, sucks, licks and strokes his fat cock until the lover shoots cum straight down her throat. Cuckolding mission accomplished!
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